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Conservatory Heating Solutions and Options - What is the best advice?

Many conservatory suppliers and installers will not offer any advice on conservatory heating solutions and options. This is to keep the installation simple and cost effective in order to be competitive. Conservatory heating is also breaking the exempt status under Building Regulations so you can understand why most conservatory suppliers will not want to mention this.

However, you as the end user of the conservatory should be considering this aspect and be considering your options for conservatory heating solutions especially if you do want to use your conservatory throughout the year. Temporary heating in the form of fan heaters and electric radiators are the most common conservatory heating solution but can become cumbersome and unsightly but is still an option you should be considering.

Pre-installed heating direct off the main house central heating system is another solution and option but officially this will break Building Regulations exemption. One technical way around this is to have the pipework installed and capped off as the conservatory is erected.

Most conservatories are located within an easy tapping in point off the existing wet radiator heating system pipework so it really inst hard. Provided the ‘radiating’ appliances are not installed or connected to the pipes then officially the conservatory remains unheated & the installers are complying with the legislation.

Considering all the available heating solutions and options for your conservatory is a very important part of the design process so make sure it is discussed at a very early stage with your conservatory supplier before you place the order. Retro-fitting heating to a cold conservatory is not desirable as a good heating solution.






































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