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Conservatory Glass Roof Panels - is glass better than polycarbonate?

Most higher end conservatories will have glass glazed roofs laid as panels - usually double glazed with safety or toughened galls as per the Building Regulations for exempt status of the conservatory. A glass roof conservatory always has a nicer higher quality fee both externally and internally than polycarbonate.

It is usually much nicer to see through a clear glazed glass roof of the conservatory than an obscure polycarbonate roof panels. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to both types of conservatory glazing systems that I would highlight here.

Firstly, if you want a tan within your conservatory as you sunbath in the direct sunlight you might not want to have glass panels as this often reduces the UV light coming through. Polycarbonate however seems more adapt at allowing these rays through although both types of roof will still bleach and fade the conservatory furnishings.

It is said that polycarbonate is more thermally efficient than double glazing specifically the triple glazed polycarbonate systems but I have my doubts when compared to the modern day Low E type glass glazing systems available.

Conservatory glass roof panels will also be more expensive to repair or replace in the future and many do fail or break as apposed to polycarbonate roofs that can be easily man-handled and cheaply replaced. However, polycarbonate glazed conservatory roofs will become brittle after a couple of years so they can become just as fragile as glass.

Both conservatory roofing systems (glass or polycarbonate) seem to have the same frequency of potential leaking problems within their first year of use. Most leaking problems of conservatory roofs are caused by poor installer fitting where they have not taken care to ensure that all the glass roof panel edges or the seals are clean or lubricated when slotting into the patent glazing bars causing buckling or distortion of the neoprene seals.






































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