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Conservatory Gardening - is this an integral part of having a conservatory?

Many homeowners simply focus on have the conservatory space as an extra part of their house or as an extra room. Many fail to forget that due to the extensive glazing the new room will have extensive views of the garden that may not be well presented or cared for.

Also, a conservatory is not that different to a greenhouse where plants often thrive far more than in the external garden spaces. This means that conservatory gardening (inside and outside of the conservatory) will have to be part of the conservatory design and works.

Consider where suitable plants can be located inside the conservatory and get advice from garden centres for what plants are best for inside the conservatory. Many require daily watering and nurturing which can be very rewarding for normal daily routines but what happens when you go away for your two week summer holiday?

When relaxing having your breakfast in the morning does the garden vista compliment conservatory living? Therefore if your garden is unkempt, in a poor state of repair, overgrown or simply lacking in anything green, then go get some garden design advise for hard and soft landscaping schemes. Allow a decent budget for these works to be installed during or just after the installation of the conservatory.

If conservatory gardening is not your thing then think about low maintenance items such as hard landscaping, gravels, rockeries or even dare I say - fake plants for inside the conservatory. Many look so real these days you would be hard pushed to tell the difference and this will completely eliminate conservatory gardening for the home owner.






































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