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Conservatory Furniture - why can’t I have what I want?

Have you ever seen a shop window display coming to the end of its promotional period? Have you noticed how faded and dried up the window items appear? Even within a short 8 week summer period. Well that is the reason why a homeowner should be considering very carefully what furniture they should be installing within their conservatory.

That ‘air loom’ of a 200 year old antique dining table and King Arthur chairs should not be your first choice of conservatory furniture if you want to retain the item for passing onto future generations as it will dry out fade and become structurally unstable.

Even installing expensive conservatory blinds for creating shade to prevent overheating may not offer 100% effectiveness against the damage caused by UV light and infra-red heat from the sun unless you are happy to live in continuous darkness within the conservatory - seems to make no sense at all.

Now, some conservatory suppliers will offer an ‘all singing all dancing’ type of special glass or film that will help prevent this damaging furniture effect. It will not stop it but merely reduce the effects. Therefore, any furniture placed within a conservatory needs to be considered carefully. It needs to be robust, and designed to reduce the aging effects of UV light and heat from the sun.

You should also have the mind set that for many southerly facing conservatories for example, you may be having to re-select conservatory furniture every 5 years but for many households even this length of time is too long in order to be up to date with the latest styling so it may not be that much of a problem anyway.






































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