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Conservatory Floor Tiles - are they still the best option?

Probably yes. Floor tiles of whatever material and design are generally very robust and retain their colouring making them an ideal choice for a conservatory. As most conservatories are seen and used as a sort of ‘garden gateway’ they tend to get a lot of use for accessing the garden so any conservatory flooring need to be durable and easy to clean. Therefore hardly ever do conservatories have carpets.

The design, colour and pattern of the conservatory floor tiles is usually a very personal choice to each homeowner but having some input from an interior designer can be a very rewarding experience as they can steer you in a direction that should help avoid making any mistakes.

Most tiling suppliers often have swatches of sample designs and styles to give you some inspiration if you are short of any design ideas yourself. Don’t be afraid to add some edge banding or contrasting tiles to the conservatory floor either - the secret being not to make it look too fussy.






































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