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Conservatory Fans - is this the best option for conservatory cooling?

The UK summer can often be well above 23 degrees for a couple of months and when combined with open blue skies and direct sunlight into a conservatory will result in the conservatory overheating. Those that have had ridge or top automatic venting built into the design of the conservatory right from the start wont suffer too much while others seek redress to the heat using conservatory fans.

Conservatory fans come in two basic types - floor standing and ceiling mounted. The floor standing variety are usually very portable and can be taken back to the shed or garage for the winter. Hard wired attached ceiling or roof mounted conservatory fans on the other hand can usually stay in place throughout the year as an integral part of the conservatory itself and do not look out of place in the colder winter months.

However, not many people realise that a roof mounted high level low RPM conservatory ceiling fan can actually aid heating in the winter as well. This is because warmer air rises into the conservatory open vaulted area where its benefits is not sampled by the occupants lower down.

A conservatory ceiling fan put on reverse and at a low spin (no more than 3RPM) can displace the warmer high level air to lower levels which will help distribute ant thermal gains made by the conservatory by direct sunlight in the cooler winter months. Most conservatories only need one or two fans at most so just make sure that you purchase a multi speed fan with a reverse switch for your conservatory.






































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