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Conservatory Extensions - are they as good as a properly built home extension?

No in my opinion. Many will fail either structurally or by the homeowners expectations of how the space is to be used. This is mainly due to the way a lightweight glass framed structure works. If a conservatory provides a home with a clear 10 year run of trouble free living space then the homeowner has done very well in my opinion.

Many home conservatory extensions seem to end up as simply somewhere to store the rubbish, unwanted furniture or for household kit that hardly ever gets used - like the gym exercise bike or rowing machine. So many seem to become a redundant space that are often demolished a few years later by the new homeowner wanting a more integrated and design lead approach to creating additional habitable room space.

I personally consider conservatory extensions as a lifestyle purchase as one would do for a home garden spa, bar-b-que lodge, garden pond etc. If it adds to ones enjoyment of the property then there is nothing wrong with that. The sad thing is though that many homeowners fail to see it in this ‘short term’ light and treat the conservatory extension as a good way of creating useful, robust additional living space to the home forgetting about the overheating in the summer and the coldness in the winter unless you take out a second mortgage for the heating bills and sun blinds required.






































So, if you get your motivation and expectations correct when purchasing a conservatory house extension then you will enjoy its use.

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