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Conservatory Doors - what are the options

Most house extensions these days seem to include the demand for bi-fold door sets and conservatory extension doors are no different. The demand for bifold door sets has now began to effect the design of a conservatory house extension. The large open spans required for the conservatory doors require a long elevation of the conservatory in which to install them.

Therefore many house extensions are now simple lean to designs to obtain the wider elevation for the installation of the conservatory bifold door set. These make best use of space especially when the weather is fine and the bi-folding door sets can be fully opened up. This open aspect combined with decking or other level paving terrace really does bring the outside in.

Alternative conservatory doors could be French door sets with side light glazed panels for example that would be in keeping for a Victorian style and design of conservatory extension. Groups of French door sets are particularly pleasing on the eye and afford the conservatory best use of space and access arrangements.

Not so popular now but big in the 1970’s were sliding patio door sets used for conse4rvatory doors. These are large panes of sliding glass that are in fact making a bit of a comeback due to their modern styling and far superior framing and quality of build now unlike the 1970’s versions. Many house extension designers like to kick against the current design trends for fear of not being individual enough and the return to an older design icon of the 1970’s is a classic example.






































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