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Conservatory Dining Furniture - Tables and Chairs - what types should you be considering

You are probably not going to like what I am about to say. If your conservatory is to be used as a formal dining room then I expect you have already made one of the biggest mistakes of your life. Let me spell it out - A fully glazed conservatory will not make a fully functional full year use dining room. You have not been advised correctly.

I am sorry but I tend to tell it like it is. For those that disagree and do have a dedicated fully glazed conservatory room as a dining room I would take my hat off to you for your perseverance on dealing with all the associated practical problems being:-

Overheating in the summer, too cold in the winter without loads of added energy, bleaching of prized furniture and only used occasionally.

So, if you are dedicated to separate dining room life and wanting to fit out your new conservatory with dining room furniture which type of furniture should you be seeking? Well first off do not go for anything of real wood and of high value. Avoid any real antiques as it will get faded and dry out. The extreme temperature differences will also pre-age the furniture with warping and cracking.

Go for something that is not too expensive, man made materials, simple and durable and expect to change it again in around 5 years time. With this mind set you can’t go far wrong.






































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