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Conservatory Design Software - it is brilliant if you can use it

Conservatory designers, suppliers and manufacturers were one of the first enterprises to leap onto CAD software in presenting designs and 3D modelling for design and as a customer sales tool. Very much in the same way as kitchen designers, fitters and installers used ACD 3D modelling software.

Most conservatory design software is pretty manufacturer specific for the larger operators who have developed their own systems and software that you are unlikely to locate or utilise. However, for homeowners who are not technophobes and are willing to learn a new Cad system they could do well at downloading a great 3D modelling software programme that is also fee in it ‘lite’ version which is called SketchUp and is available from Google who brought out he company a few years ago.

This programme after a about a weeks learning curve will enable the home owner to create their own conservatory designs that they can then put out to various conservatory companies to provide their own supply and installation costs as part of a competitive tender.

If a homeowner is not seeking 3D modelling sketch software then there are a number of free 2D CAD software programmes that will enable the home owner to develop their own ideas as part of a traditional floor plans and elevations type of scaled drawings.

Having your own conservatory design software package is still no substitute for obtaining professional design advice and ideas from an experienced house extension designer or architect. Their skills often bring to the table ideas and concepts that you may never have envisaged. Good design advise can never be underestimated so why not show your own design ideas created on your free conservatory design software to an experienced house extension designer or architect simply to test out your own ideas and concepts.






































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