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Conservatory DIY - should you be considering this option

If you have read any of my articles of loft and garage conversions then you will see that I do not favour DIY house extension projects. However, a conservatory is possibly the only house extension where I may bend to the DIY approach and this is for very specific reasons.

Firstly, most conservatory house extensions are simple bolt on proponents that involve very little remodelling of the original property. Secondly, Conservatories are exempt from the Building Regulations which is heaven sent news for the DIY’er. That means they can do what they want for a completely separate room so even if they cock it up it really wouldn’t be much effort to remove the problem by themselves or future owners.

The overall abortive costs should things go wrong are also not that great and even a bad conservatory extension would not normally prevent a house sale - so things are at less risk for the DIY homeowner trying to save costs and erecting their own conservatory extension.

A conservatory DIY job need not be the nightmare I am picturing provided they are used to DIY that has been successful in the past. A good test of this is to normally ask the wife. If she can back up his previous work then I am sure things will be Ok for the DIY conservatory extension. If not or the DIY’er has a track record of half finished jobs and a trail of devastation and upset lives then strap up their arms and send them to weight watchers for something to do.






































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