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Conservatory Cost - are there any averages?

Conservatory costs can vary widely depending upon materials used, size, location, DIY, bespoke or mass produced. One of the cheapest ways to have a conservatory built is to do it yourself. An example could be a conservatory kit from Wickes. The opposite for a very high cost conservatory could be a bespoke made conservatory from a posh supplier usually building onto half million pound properties and upwards.

It is my opinion that conservatory costs can range from £500.00 per square metre to over £3,000.00 per square metre for the ranges of conservatories stated above. Some of the conservatory cost will be split between the ground works required to support the framework of the conservatory and the extra fittings required to control the internal environment of the conservatory to prevent over heating in summer or being too cold in the winter.

It is often a fact that the cost of a conservatory will probably be dependent upon the value of the house it is being attached to. It is very unlikely that an Amdega bespoke timber framed conservatory will be attached to an ex-council house unless that house is worth over £500k (and some are).

Likewise it is very unlikely that a Wickes conservatory will be bolted onto a prestige 4+ bedroom dwelling in a leafy sort after high value suburb. So, what is the average conservatory cost in 2011? My instinct would be around the £2k per square metre for the south east and £1.5k per square metre for the more cost conscious north as a very rough guide.






































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