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Conservatory Blinds - are they the answer to prevent overheating?

Many conservatory suppliers and manufacturers will offer to supply and install conservatory blinds as an added extra for ‘up selling’ the deal to the homeowner. However, sometimes the choice of materials can be somewhat limited and very little thought is placed upon the actual performance of the conservatory blinds.

People often forget that the whole proper functional purpose of the conservatory blind is prevent over heating in the summer. Yes, they also provide some privacy but this is usually an ancillary function. Therefore some form of technical analysis should be completed on just how effective the conservatory blind is at reflecting heat rather than if the colour scheme fits in with the living room.

Many conservatory blind materials can now act as a dual role by reflecting heat in the summer and also acting as a thermally insulated liner to retain the embedded heat during the night or in winter. So do some research and analysis first on how the conservatory blinds will perform for its proper job of reflecting or retai9ning heat within the conservatory.

There is also a great choice in the design of conservatory blinds ranging from vertical, Venetian, Concertina, roller, shutters and netting or curtains. Roller blinds are probably the best choice as this will give the best range and performance of the blind material itself.






































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