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Conservatory Blind prices - what should you be paying

Conservatory blinds are usually a must for any house extension built as a conservatory. The can help prevent or at least delay over heating during the summer and act as an additional thermal barrier in winter. Most conservatory blinds are applied to the vertical windows but equally the glazed roof often requires bespoke made blinds that will also assist in creating a more balanced internal environmental temperature.

The price you pay for your conservatory blinds is very dependent upon quality, area & purchase location. High Street for normal retail or conservatory manufactures are likely to be the most expensive for like for like items. Internet purchases can be a lot cheaper but is very much dependant upon the homeowner completing their own exact dimensions and measurements to ensure correct fitting. If you are comfortable doing this then give it a go.

If you like ‘service attention’ then having a person come visit and take the dimensions for you at their risk rather than your own. Most conservatory blind suppliers will also bring sample materials of the various blind types together with prices of each conservatory blind. This saves you trying to do the calculations yourself either through the retail shop route or using the web and internet.

As a general rule of thumb, for the person coming to your home, taking measurements and providing you with a supply and fix price, never accept the first price or order there and then at their first site meeting. If they offer you an instant discount for signing up there and then simply show them the door. Why they continue with this pressure selling tactics I will never know - they seem not to realise than many homeowners are also successful in business and are aware of the pressure sales techniques being used. Remember to obtain all blind prices in writing before accepting any of them and read the small print of all terms and conditions.

If a 20% discount is available at the first meeting it will be their 3 weeks later. Most operators of this selling technique also call back several times offering greater discounts so it doesn’t hurt to do the waiting game. Hopefully the homeowner would have approached at least 3 conservatory blind suppliers for prices as a competitive quote and it doesn’t hurt letting each conservatory blind supplier know this so hopefully they have a really sharpened pencil when giving you their best price.






































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