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Conservatory Advice - What are the basics

The best advice for any homeowner considering a conservatory is what is there primary motivation for having one in the first place and what else could you get for your money as many conservatoires cost the same per square metre as a proper well integrated house extension.

I have never been a great fan of conservatory house extensions but I have no doubt that they can work very well and end up being a very pleasing amenity room adding great value to a homeowners lifestyle. However, this is probably not the norm and it has been my experience that most homeowners become disillusioned and disappointed with how the conservatory has performed over the first few years. It has not been a useful all year round space they thought it would have been.

Most house extension designs that I complete were a conservatory is already in place usually ends up being demolished in favour of a more substantial and well placed properly built house extension rather than a glass framed bolt on room with limited functional all year round use.

Therefore the best conservatory advice for any homeowner considering a conservatory is to ‘pressure test’ your motivations and wish list from what you are expecting from the conservatory extension. If it is simply a quick fix solution to adding a formal dining room that faces south then you will probably be disappointed after its first year of use.

However, if the conservatory is to be breakfast room and is orientated towards the east and is simply for having breakfast while watching the rising sun and birds at the feeder table in order to enjoy a relaxed moment before entering the rat-race world of traffic and commerce then you will probably enjoy the beneficial effects that this conservatory will bring.

If you are still convinced that a conservatory is for you then a lot more advice follows within these conservatory articles on the design elements that you should be considering to prevent the usual problems associated with conservatory house extensions.






































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