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House Extension Prices.

Home extension building costs can be affected by many things. One of the least realised is location of the site. House extension builders will install prices and margins to suit the local area and perceived wealth of the home owner.

A single storey rear extension attached to an ex-council house can cost half as much to the same size and spec. of an extension to a detached house along a private road in a select area within a good catchment for schools. There is no answer to this phenomenom other than being aware of the issue.

Each builder calculates their prices differently. Some use external pricing agents for a fixed fee & simply add a margin when their costs are estimated. Others use in house computer systems or pricing books. Some simply calculate floor areas, complexity of job and take a view.

House extension costs to the home owner are also affected by the builders margins. Busy and in demand builders will probably add 30% profit margins feeling safe that their prestige, durability and quality of work demands the added value.

Lesser known or quiet builders will be more competitive with smaller margins down to 5% or simply work at cost simply to keep going during the quieter times.

The months of the year can also affect builder prices. The quiet months of November to February can often provide the best construction prices for a home owners extension scheme.

March to September is probably the worst time for obtaining the keenest builder prices simply because they are already busy.































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